Our Products

SLS offers a complete range of geosynthetic products, installed by a professional, highly-trained team dedicated to be the best in the USA.

We sell and install the most reliable and widely used high-performance lining systems. SLS also backs every product with QC assurance that meets the most stringent criteria in the industry.


Geosynthetics is a general classification representing all man-made materials used in geotechnical engineering applications.

The Best Alternative:

The value of our products lies in their ability to partially or completely replace natural resources such as gravel, sand, and clay at a much lower cost.

The technical advantages lie in the engineered testability of geosynthetic products versus the often difficult to verify quality and specs of naturally occurring materials.

Liner Systems:

Geomembrane liners come in a broad group of products with distinctive properties and advantages in use as liners for ponds, tanks, float covers, reservoirs, lagoons, landfills, caps, secondary containment — uses of Liner is limited only by the imagination.